Have the kids help with Thanksgiving decorations

October 5, 2018

Giving kids something to do in the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday can kill two birds with one stone: Keep them busy and prep some adorable decorations.

While Thanksgiving isn't the biggest "decorations" holiday in the fall and winter, there are nonetheless plenty of arts and crafts projects kids can do to spruce up a family gathering, according to Real Simple. For instance, making place card holders shaped like turkeys out of pine cones, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and other materials can be a fun way to keep them distracted.

Place setting fun
Similarly, having them make little envelopes out of construction paper to hold napkins, forks, knives and spoons for dinner time can help kids get creative with what they want to draw on them, and serve as attractive additions to any table. The same is also true of a collaborative effort for the table's centerpiece, or even the placemats for every setting.

Make some noise
Another fun project that can also keep kids busy when they're done making them is miniature maracas made out of cut-up egg cartons, according to Parenting Magazine. All they take is some paint in festive colors, a Popsicle stick, some glue and something to rattle around inside to provide fun for younger kids in particular.

When looking for ideas to keep kids occupied while it's meal prep time, a quick search online will help uncover quick, easy and fun projects for children of all ages.