Harnessing cutting-edge social media strategies

May 3, 2018

When agents want to connect with would-be clients in today's white-hot market, it's vital to offer them something other real estate professionals can't. That effort can start with an innovative social media campaign.

The first thing for any agent to do when they are putting together a plan for a new social media approach is to figure out a small number of social platforms to use and focus on those exclusively, according to Corcoran Consulting & Coaching owner and chief executive Bubba Mills, writing for the Forbes Real Estate Council. While it may be tempting to go on every platform and cross-post content, building a following on just two or three might translate into more leads, while still saving plenty of time.

Often, information can be cross-posted easily between Facebook and Twitter or Instagram and Pinterest, because these social networks share a lot of similarities. Some agents may also be able to use LinkedIn, not necessarily for marketing, but for building a better professional network.

What to focus on
When crafting the content for these social sites, agents should try to keep in mind two general rules. First, it's important to make sure every post has a point, which is to say that they should always make sure viewers have something to follow through on. Whether it's a call to action to get people to call, email or direct message or just an update on local housing markets, it's important for people to know how they can reach out to act on a listing or a call for potential selling clients. Often, a short and simple phrase can be highlighted within a message to really drive the point home.

Second, posts should always contain information that is relevant and interesting to an intended viewer. Something that stands out from the crowd, like a beautiful video or photography, is key here, but so too are other details within the post, which can certainly circle back to how followers can get in touch with an agent.

When undertaking these efforts, it's probably not a bad idea for agents to look at what others in the field are doing, and seeing if they can incorporate any of the best ideas they encounter into their new plans.

Digging into the numbers
Meanwhile, agents should also constantly assess their efforts on social and other marketing platforms as a means of determining what's working well and what may need to be tweaked, according to web marketing expert Jason Fox. When agents are aware what gets the most engagement with past, current or prospective clients, they can use that information to continually make the social media content they post more engaging.

Once agents have that information, they can also figure out ways to get more creative with not only providing that more engaging kind of post, but incorporating more updates and news about their own practices within them.

The more of a holistic look agents can take at their marketing on social media, the better off they will be when it comes to using those platforms as an avenue through which they can realize more real estate sales on an ongoing basis.