Get the most out of a real estate marketing video

June 19, 2018

When agents want to create shareable content, a video is a great way to start. There are a few commonalities shared between the most popular types of videos, and knowing them will help agents get ahead as soon as possible.

When first starting out with shareable video production, agents might want to think about a quick introduction, according to Fit Small Business. Simply saying who they are and providing a few quick facts about their efforts in the sector could help real estate professionals begin to establish themselves as local experts.

Grabbing attention
Another type of real estate video that often proves popular is a testimonial piece, in which a past client says how much their chosen agent helped ferry them through the real estate sales process. This, too, provides a little extra authority to the message they're trying to get across, because the kinds of clients who would want to be in these videos are also likely to be enthusiastic about their relationship with the agent.

A graphic focus
Meanwhile, thinking about using some video editing with graphics that highlight a narrator's voiceover could be a way to wow locals with some market knowledge, according to AdVids. There are plenty of inexpensive video editing options that might help agents stand out with something other than footage shot on their phones, so familiarizing oneself with the available options that seem workable based on the agent's own computer skills could be a great way to get ahead.

It's not always easy for agents to make videos that pop, but a little online research into what seems to work can go a long way.