Get a jump on next year's real estate tech, trends

November 1, 2017

The new year is almost upon us, and real estate professionals may want to take some time to examine what industry insiders think will be the "next big thing."

Tech has become a big issue in the real estate sales game, and for good reason: It helps many agents with a plethora of duties in their everyday work, according to Inman. So what's the next big thing? It all depends on what agents need.

Big trends
These days, more real estate agents and offices are investing a larger amount of money into flashy tech like virtual reality and drones, according to Inman. And while that can often present agents with a great path forward, other types of tech - like software to organize their contacts or help them sync their schedules for the week - can be quite effective without costing an arm and a leg.

Low-key benefits
It's also worth noting that emerging tech can have a more direct influence on marketing, according to the Realty Times. This includes the ability to customize and automate content that helps create a larger digital footprint. Having the ability to tailor content all at once, and post it at scheduled times, can free up agents to do more social media work when they have the time, then set seasonal or evergreen content to post whenever necessary.

When thinking about the ways tech can help agents get ahead, a little bit of consideration for their own needs, and some research into what's available, can go a long way.