Fun August holidays to highlight

July 17, 2018

August is a month devoid of traditional holidays, but agents can get a little bit creative with their marketing efforts to highlight some fun yet lesser-known holidays.

For instance, you can starting the month off right Aug. 1, which is Homemade Pie Day, according to Holidappy. Real estate professionals can certainly whip up some creative marketing around the idea of pies.

What works?
Sharing recipes, crafting custom images related to would-be buyers getting "a piece of the action" in today's market and other jokes along those lines are all great ways to capitalize on Homemade Pie Day.

In addition, it might be wise for agents to give clients freshly baked pies from local bake shops as gifts, to help them stick in those people's minds even after the real estate sales process comes to an end.

Other fun days to celebrate
Aug. 18 is Bad Poetry Day, so that's a good time for agents to see if they can be poets - especially if they don't know it.

Other important days to celebrate throughout the month of August, which can be tied into marketing, include International Youth Day on Aug. 12, according to Furthermore, National Aviation Day is Aug. 19, and Senior Citizens Day takes place on Aug. 21.

A little bit of online research could help agents find even more holidays worth celebrating with a fun mailer or social media post. These events can get the creative juices flowing and potentially draw even more interest from prospective clients, especially if the content is made with shareability in mind.