February is the time for agents to amp up social marketing

January 23, 2018

With the spring sales season just a month or two away in most markets, real estate professionals need to make sure their social media marketing is up to snuff, and ready to gain momentum. Though buyers aren't yet out in the market in force, they're likely to at least be doing some of the preliminary research that goes with a home search, so agents who are really marketing their expertise at this time of year have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Given the demographics of who's going to be looking to buy during the upcoming spring shopping season - that is, millennials making their first-ever home purchases - it's vital for agents to make sure they're on all the popular social media platforms, and using them at least somewhat regularly, according to Inman. Any agent who isn't using each of these sites at least once a week - and far more than that for some of the more popular ones, like Facebook and Instagram - is likely to fall behind their local competition.

Getting it going
With that in mind, it's vital for agents to make sure they're signed up for those platforms and regularly creating and posting shareable content like photos and videos that show off both their listings and themselves. In a lot of cases, this content can be cross-posted on multiple platforms simultaneously, and if that happens, it will probably be a good idea to monitor what's shared the most, and where. Gaining that kind of knowledge at this time of year can help to inform more effective marketing strategies that will pay off throughout the spring and summer.

Build a relationship
The reason social media marketing can be so effective these days is that people use these platforms multiple times per day in a lot cases, and therefore build relationships with brands over time, according to the Online Marketing Institute. That, in turn, helps transform interested parties who may be just starting their online homebuying research into leads that can pay off months down the road, especially if agents are creating content that shows off their own local expertise in addition to the listings they're marketing.

Capturing multiple prospective shoppers' interest with a single captivating photo or video can plant the seeds that one day turn into real estate sales. And because social media is designed for sharing, it's fertile ground for any agent to cultivate.

As such, it's vital for agents to make sure all their marketing efforts have a social focus now, so that it's second nature when it's time to start juggling a number of clients as the spring buying season begins to ramp up. Having a sound social strategy in place will likely go a long way toward ensuring there's always a captive audience of past and future clients, and that a sort of social word of mouth spreads naturally from there.