February gives one last chance to boost spring marketing plans

February 24, 2017

With the spring buying season almost upon us, life for some real estate professionals is probably starting to get a little hectic. That's understandable, but now is actually the perfect time for them to sit down and assess their marketing strategy for the months to come. Taking the next few weeks to make any final tweaks that may be needed can go a long way.

There are a number of simple steps agents can take in the final month before the spring gets underway that will make their lives just a little easier, according to Realtor Magazine. Perhaps the most important of these is the opportunity to test their email marketing platforms that blast messages out to numerous contacts. It would be a major issue if this software didn't work as expected in March or April, so making a trial run with a simple introductory (or re-introductory) message before things get ramped up might be a good idea.

It might also be wise at this time to come up with some final strategies for staging attractive open houses, according to InHouse. While most agents already know it's nice to provide some light refreshments and play a little music, having the right marketing materials, both about the listing and the agent him or herself, can be key to making a lasting impression. Even without selling that specific property to an open house attendee, having an attractive flyer can help an agent stick in shoppers' minds.

The ability of any agent to take a deep breath and make sure they're sticking by their marketing plans at this time of year will help them enter the spring prepared to do better when it comes to their many real estate sales efforts in the months ahead.