Emerging real estate trends for the summer season

May 29, 2018

While many agents are fully aware of the forces in the industry that will help sellers expedite the real estate sales process, there are a few unexpected trends emerging in what buyers want. With a little studying and some old-fashioned professional intuition, real estate professionals may be able to advise their selling clients on how to maximize their properties' value with just a bit of extra work.

While it is often the case in today's market that homes can "sell themselves" - insofar as any property that gets put on the market is likely to receive multiple bids from hopeful buyers - there are certainly ways for sellers to improve their homes slightly to both boost the asking price and help expedite the sales process. Often, these improvements can be more or less cosmetic but significantly increase buyer interest, according to Kiplinger. This may be especially important for potential sellers who have been in their homes a long time but haven't changed much about it in recent years.

"Making small upgrades over time serves a seller immensely," real estate broker Brian Lewis told the website. "Even merely keeping the color palette up to date will go a long way. Getting stuck in time with your home isn't a smart move and is rarely rewarded financially at sale time."

Simple changes
For instance, many sellers may be able to invest as little as $1,000 into updating their laundry rooms with modern washers and dryers as a means of grabbing buyers' attentions. More significant changes can be made in this regard as well - such as adding a folding station when there is ample space - but with nearly all shoppers looking for dependable laundry area, even a simple upgrade can boost a home's value.

Even simpler, however, is the addition of modern outdoor lighting that makes a home's front or back yard just a little more inviting, especially in parts of the country where hosting barbecues and other events outdoors is feasible for most of the spring and summer. Outdoor gathering places are quite popular, and giving potential buyers the option to do so with new lighting features - which can often be installed for less than $100 - is a great move for owners.

Other outdoor alterations
Meanwhile, a fresh coat of paint - or newly installed siding - on a home's exterior can also go a long way toward wowing visitors even before they step inside, according to Northface Construction. These days, buyers seem to favor a mix of bold, deep colors like dark blues and grays for siding contrasted with light colors for trim, as these can create a striking contrast. Often, this kind of installation may not break the bank, but it can be quite attractive to shoppers.

Agents already know that curb appeal is a big part of making a home more attractive overall, so focusing on that first before moving inside is often a good idea, particularly for homes that haven't been updated in a while. Passing that information along to selling clients could be the key to helping them get through the sales process quickly and easily.