Don't rest on your laurels as spring arrives

February 9, 2018

Many real estate professionals might take it for granted in today's hot market that they're going to be attractive to buyers and sellers alike. However, it's still vital for agents to position themselves as local real estate experts with great marketing so they can stand out from the crowd.

Agents can use several strategies to better market themselves as not just real estate pros with plenty of experience, but also as people who know their local markets like the backs of their hands, according to Fit Small Business.

One great way to do so is with video tours of local neighborhoods, landmarks and other attractions. This activity not only helps people put a face to the agents' names while simultaneously helping them show off their knowledge and friendly personas.

Getting more social
That "local expert" vibe can - and should - also be cultivated on social media. It doesn't take a lot of effort for agents to put together photo or video post about things like the local Memorial Day parade, Little League playoffs, Old Home Days or other local events that always get plenty of attention.

Of course, with so many people experiencing these events personally, it's vital for agents to have their spin on the events and establish a presence for themselves. Setting up a booth at town events and giving out fun gifts like branded Frisbees or stress balls can help keep an agent's name and face fresh in locals' minds.

Along similar lines, with the spring real estate sales season right around the corner, agents can go door to door in local neighborhoods to introduce themselves, especially in areas where there's likely to be a high volume of potential buyers or sellers.

When people see agents are out on the town, either in person or on social media, they're more likely to see them as neighbors than businesspeople first and foremost.

Focusing on tech aspects
Often, one of the best ways to stand out as a local expert is for agents to redesign their websites to better reflect their status in their communities, according to In Motion Real Estate. Embedding the media that's already being posted on social media - or at least compiling a "best-of" collection - is a great way to do it, but so too is creating unique content that lives on only the agent's site.

That could - and probably should - include a blog agents update regularly. This resource can not only lead to people checking out the site regularly for new updates but also push it up in rankings among local real estate searches, potentially leading to new business. That blogging effort should include not just coverage of local events but also statistical looks at the housing market, company news and so on.

Basically, the best advice for agents when it comes to boosting their profile is to get local and don't be afraid to branch out with creative efforts. When agents can make themselves local leaders with well-produced, professional content that positions them as key parts of their communities, people are much more likely to want to work with them during future real estate sales.