Does paying for social media advertising pay off?

January 23, 2018

Many agents may be considering investing some money into their social marketing ahead of the sales season, but is it worth the money?

The good news right out of the gate is that social media advertising is often far cheaper than traditional forms of real estate advertising like appearing in the newspaper. Moreover, the people who can be targeted demographically on social media will significantly increase the chance of a good return on investment. However, there are a few basic tips to follow to ensure everything goes as well as possible.

What to do
The first place to start is to make sure whatever media is used in social ads is bright and engaging, according to Uproot Online. These eye-catching ads can be posted across multiple platforms and increase the possibility of people sharing the photo or video. But beyond that, it's also necessary to make sure the content is properly branded so people know where it came from and associate it with the agent in their area.

Know the differences
When advertising on Facebook, there are plenty of different campaigns to pursue, according to Fronetics Real Estate. For instance, some may simply be aimed at getting people to "Like" an agent's page, while others try to get users to click through to their websites. However, perhaps the most effective for agents will be those that get people to fill out contact information or subscribe to newsletters directly through Facebook.

When undertaking these efforts, it's also important to have a robust social media presence, so that when people click through, there's going to be a bevy of information and background they can sift through.