DIY your Halloween decorations

September 18, 2018

Homeowners can easily make their own Halloween decorations as a fun family activity. All it may take is a quick trip to the craft store and a little bit of creativity.

One quick and easy way to make carving Jack-O-Lanterns a little more kid-friendly - especially for those with really young ones - is by getting rid of the pumpkins and knives completed, according to Reader's Digest. Instead, kids can draw fun or scary faces on empty one-gallon milk or water jugs, and parents can drop in battery-powered lights that make them glow.

Spooky hangings
When homes have egg cartons that are almost empty, they can be turned upside down, painted black and turned into bats that hang from lamps or other parts of the house. Adding a couple of googly eyes from the craft store can make that project a little more fun as well.

A tasty decoration
In much the same way families string up garland during the holiday season, they can make their own at this time of year out of candy corn, according to Country Living. Running a long string though several dozen pieces of this hardy candy can really liven up a room with the festive colors associated with this time of year. Plus, making these decorations can be fun because, well, families will get to eat candy the whole time.

Looking online for some project inspiration at this time of year can help parents find fun DIY activities for themselves and their kids not only around Halloween, but all year long as well.