DIY gifts kids can make for family members

November 20, 2018

A hand-made gift from a child can mean a lot more to a parent or grandparent than anything bought in a store. That gives them plenty of options to make something fun and important.

One of the classic moves for any family is putting their kids' artwork on the fridge with a few magnets, but having children paint on canvas or some other more permanent setting may allow moms, dads, aunts, uncles or grandparents to hang something on the wall instead, according to Rhythms of Play. Parents can invest in the frame or mounting, but the rest can be done by kids.

Leave an impression
Along similar lines, since most kids like to play with clay and other similar materials, parents could get them to make a hand- or footprint in the material, then find a way to harden it (such as in the oven). Painting it, or simply having the child sign and date the creation once completed, can create a nice keepsake for parents and grandparents alike.

A little bit of fun
Parents might also be wise to invest in some nice beads that older kids can use to make their own unique jewelry for a loved one, according to How We Learn. In addition, encouraging them to make a creation out of blocks like LEGO can help them make something to display either seasonally or year-round.

Gifts made by kids are something that many youngsters may be surprised to find their older family members will hang onto for years or even decades, so coming up with some creative ideas can go a long way.