Changing old approaches for modern marketing efforts

August 13, 2018

There are plenty of tried and true marketing methods in the real estate game, but agents should always be on the lookout for ways they can spin them into the 21st century. In most cases, longtime real estate professionals will have to consider the ways in which the print media tactics that have worked for decades can get a bit of a social media makeover.

Perhaps the most important and easiest way for agents to turn an old technique into a fun new initiative is by modifying long-standing attempts to cultivate word of mouth recommendations into a formalized social media referral program, according to Marketing Technology Insights. Almost all longtime agents have received business because a past client recommended their services to a friend or family member, but actively encouraging people to take that step on social media can go a long way.

Often, something as simple as a $20 gift card to a local restaurant (which may be interested in a business partnership) can help to boost referrals that have a good chance of turning into actual business.

What else can be done?
In addition, it's often a good idea for agents to make sure they are regularly engaging with people via social media. That means it's important to answer private messages sent directly to a business account or simply commenting and having online conversations below the content they post on their professional pages on a regular basis. Past, present and future clients want to know there's a real person on the other end of their online accounts, so this kind of activity helps to truly put a face to the business name.

Finally, it's always a good idea for agents to have weekly or monthly contests on their social media profiles, as well as limited-time promotions that can help spur both engagement and actual business moves. These efforts not only keep people coming back to those pages for updates, but also get them excited to engage with the brand.

What to keep in mind
As with any other marketing activity, it's important for real estate agents to keep in mind that their ultimate goal is to get their name out there and boost awareness of their brand, according to Sprout Social. To that end, the easier it is for people to not only enjoy the content agents post, but also want to share it, the better off agents will be when it comes to growing their local profiles.

Similarly, it's also important to encourage clients to post reviews online, as a means of improving organic search-based word of mouth as well. Some agents may be reticent to do this because of the potential for getting mixed bad reviews, but even those present an opportunity. If agents can show they positively engage with people who post negative reviews, they may be able to win over not only that person, but anyone who sees the posts later on as well.

In general, the more comfortable agents can become with their social media efforts, the better off they're likely to be when it comes to engaging with the next generation of homebuyers.