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New methods for connecting with clients can go a long way

As technology becomes easier to use and more portable, there are plenty of practical applications for a variety of new communication methods and ways of staying organized.

Utilize new tools to find new leads

With competition for homes and clients alike heating up, agents need all the tools they can find to get ahead and generate leads for potential future clients.

Agents should know about phone security

For many real estate professionals, their smartphones are the lifeblood of their day-to-day work. As such, they need to keep those devices - and the vital data they store - as safe as possible.

Conceptualize visual marketing efforts before shooting

These days, many real estate professionals recognize the huge benefit that well-considered, beautifully shot photos and videos can do to help sell homes online and in print.

What's next for smart home features?

Any real estate professional knows how much "smart" home features have gone from nice-to-have to must-have in the past few years, as the Internet of Things brings more connectivity throughout the home.

How VR for real estate could work

In the past few years, more real estate professionals have turned to technology as a means of gaining an edge on the local competition and more effectively engaging connecting with both buyers and sellers.

Simple Pinterest marketing tips for agents

Real estate professionals are starting to use social media in ever-greater numbers these days, and to great effect. But one corner of this universe they may have dismissed until now is Pinterest.

Great new apps real estate agents may need

As more real estate professionals strive to keep up with the latest technological advancements in their field, one area on which they may want to focus in is the ever-growing number of smartphone and tablet apps available to them.

What do baby boomers want in real estate these days? [Infographic]

Much of the focus for people in the real estate business over the past few years has shifted to millennials with good reason.

Is VR the next step in real estate technology?

Real estate professionals are always looking for an edge in their areas when it comes to facilitating sales.Ā