Real estate tech becoming more popular with homebuyers

These days, it's not just enough for real estate professionals to have a passing understanding of the tech in their field.

Should brokers invest in AI for their businesses?

Artificial intelligence is taking off in many industries, including real estate.

Which tech tools provide the best ROI?

Many agents are now adopting new tech, but not all tools are created equal. Which will provide the most bang for real estate professionals' buck?

Agents can leverage hidden social media features for better connections

Social media is a great way for any real estate professional to connect with potential clients, so understanding their little nuances can help improve that experience.

What equipment should agents invest in for marketing?

Real estate professionals often think about return on investment with their business purchases, and understandably so.

It's more important than ever to understand real estate tech

Some real estate professionals may feel as though they have the years of expertise to navigate the industry without learning the latest tech.

What's the future of real estate tech?

The real estate industry has seen so much tech investment and adoption in recent years that real estate professionals have to work hard to keep up.

Real estate pros may have more to learn with tech

The tech revolution is fully underway in the real estate sector, and that can help agents unlock a lot of nascent potential if they know how to proceed.

Real estate agents should know about apps for themselves and clients

Apps are increasingly important for any real estate professional's business efforts, and they might want to recommend options for clients, as well.

The year ahead in real estate technology

While 2018 is already here, a lot of the work in the real estate industry is still a few months away, when the traditional buying and selling season begins.