Can AI help agents boost lead conversion?

Artificial intelligence has many practical applications for real estate professionals, including helping them connect with prospective clients in a number of unexpected ways.

As fall arrives, agents can revisit their tech needs

Now that real estate professionals aren't necessarily required to run from one client to the next - as they almost certainly were all summer - they likely have more downtime to review other issues.

With tech adoption booming, where should agents focus?

Today's real estate professionals have plenty of options for buying the latest and greatest tech, but every dollar counts, so they need to make the right choices to ensure a solid return on investment.

Young agents driving industry technology adoption

Many real estate professionals have probably heard about all the latest and greatest technology that has become available to help them boost sales in recent years.

Interior decorating programs can help agents get a virtual edge

While some real estate professionals are now tinkering in virtual reality, there are simpler programs that let agents and clients redesign homes to help buyers better visualize themselves in a new house.

Know what the latest tech can do - and where it may fall short

While there are many emerging tech options that help real estate professionals get ahead, sometimes there's no substitute for that personal touch.

How should agents approach new tech purchases?

These days, most real estate professionals know that their smartphones are their lifelines in many situations as they go about their day-to-day business.

New methods for connecting with clients can go a long way

As technology becomes easier to use and more portable, there are plenty of practical applications for a variety of new communication methods and ways of staying organized.

Utilize new tools to find new leads

With competition for homes and clients alike heating up, agents need all the tools they can find to get ahead and generate leads for potential future clients.

Agents should know about phone security

For many real estate professionals, their smartphones are the lifeblood of their day-to-day work. As such, they need to keep those devices - and the vital data they store - as safe as possible.