Effective real estate marketing in winter

Marketing real estate at this time of year might seem like a tall task, but a few simple tips can get agents plenty of leads.

How new agents can talk to clients and colleagues

What new real estate professionals may not know is just how important it is to have open lines of communications with all their clients on an ongoing basis.

What should agents tell selling clients in November?

Some sellers may not know how to react to the potential slowdown in activity that accompanies the holiday season, so agents can give them some sage advice.

Agents can boost connections with potential clients

Many real estate professionals often have a loose "script" they talk to when courting a prospective buyer or seller - something to guide the conversation forward.

Should agents focus on video advertising?

Many real estate professionals have had success with video marketing on social media. But that may lead some in the industry to ask: Will it work for every agent?

With summer shopping over, what marketing strategies work for fall?

Marketing for real estate professionals may not seem as easy in the fall, but there are actually plenty of ways for agents to ensure they keep those active connections going strong, especially via mobile.

Make your direct mailers pop with sharp design

Many real estate professionals still use postcard mailers, even if some see the practice as being a bit old-fashioned.

How to get your content marketing noticed

Now that more real estate professionals are engaged in content marketing than ever before, everyone has to work a little harder to make theirs stand out from the increasingly crowded field.

Agents should have fall marketing plans ready to go

With summer almost over, real estate professionals need to make sure they have plans for how to market themselves in the fall.

Simple tips to improve real estate agents' branding

Branding is vital in today's marketing environment, and real estate agents can make just a few small changes to improve theirs dramatically.