Boosting motivation as summer winds down

Just because the summer buying and selling season has largely come to an end, that doesn't mean real estate professionals have little or nothing to do for months to come.

New agents can rely on colleagues for critical advice

Many young people just coming into the real estate industry may need to lean on more experienced agents to help them navigate the industry.

Sellers rely heavily on agents' advice

For many of today's sellers, they've never approached the real estate sales process from this side of the transaction. As such, agents' advice is perhaps more important for owners than it is for would-be buyers.

How can new agents succeed this summer?

Anyone entering the real estate industry for the first time during the spring and summer is likely getting thrown right into the fire.

How can agents connect with potential sellers?

There aren't a lot of sellers getting into the market these days, but it may be possible for agents to identify potential leads in this regard.

Helping sellers with multiple offers

In this busy market, real estate professionals will likely see many of their selling clients field multiple offers on their homes.

Agents should work together to build a successful culture

Even when demand is high, agents working at brokerages need to understand they're part of a team.

Boosting referrals for real estate agents

Referrals can be the lifeblood of a real estate professional's business, especially at this busy time of year.

How agents can reassure buyers in a busy market

With so much buying activity in the market these days, it's vital for agents to make sure they can keep buying clients happy and assured even as competition thrives.

How can new agents make a name for themselves in their markets?

With so many people coming into the real estate business these days, it's important for new agents to make sure they're ready to make a name for themselves.