Brokers should consider new training approaches

One of the big problems for employees in just about every industry - not just real estate - is that the same old training can start to feel difficult to get through.

Brokers should outfit their agents with safety kits

Winter safety is key for agents as they travel from one location to the next, so brokers would be wise to gift these real estate professionals with safety kits they can pack in their cars.

Prepping for agent reviews

With the holiday season approaching, brokers likely have a a lot of prep work on their plate before the end of the year.

Brokers can train for refreshing agent skills

Now is the time for brokers to make sure their teams of real estate professionals are not only trained on the cutting-edge ideas of the industry, but also that they're brushing up on the basics.

How can brokers boost team performance?

With the annual fall slowdown in activity now officially here, it's important for brokers to make sure their teams are getting all the training they need to improve performance for next year.

Working with younger agents is key for brokerages

The industry continues to turn over agents at a high rate, and as a result it may be wise for brokers to make sure they know how to connect with young real estate professionals now coming into the sector en masse.

Now is the time to revisit safety strategies

With so much activity in the housing market these days, it can be easy for agents and brokers alike to take on too much work.

Brokers have a duty to safeguard data

Data security is a major issue for companies in all industries, and real estate brokerages handle plenty of sensitive information that needs to be protected.

Brokers can strategize their spring marketing now

With spring only a few months away, many brokers are already putting togetherĀ strategies for helpingĀ agents succeed.

Brokers have a role in keeping agents safe this winter

While safety is always important in any job, real estate professionals spend more time on the road than most other workers.