Now is the time to revisit safety strategies

With so much activity in the housing market these days, it can be easy for agents and brokers alike to take on too much work.

Brokers have a duty to safeguard data

Data security is a major issue for companies in all industries, and real estate brokerages handle plenty of sensitive information that needs to be protected.

Brokers can strategize their spring marketing now

With spring only a few months away, many brokers are already putting together strategies for helping agents succeed.

Brokers have a role in keeping agents safe this winter

While safety is always important in any job, real estate professionals spend more time on the road than most other workers.

Brokers should look internally to drive future performance

Many real estate brokers take the late fall and winter months to assess what their businesses will need for the following spring and summer.

What skills bring agents the most success?

Brokers can use the slower autumn and winter months to consistently improve their team of agents' various skills, and that's true whether they're seasoned real estate professionals or just getting their start in the industry.

Brokers: Want to boost agent skills? Now is the time

The busy summer buying and selling season is finally over, and for agents and brokers alike, that presents a unique opportunity.

Activate new agents' talents quickly

The amount of demand that now exists in the market is stretching many brokerages thin, and it calls for a new, energetic talent pool above and beyond what may have existed for years.

What can brokers do to maximize their hiring efforts?

Given the strength of the market these days, many brokers may be in a position to expand their teams and take advantage of the incredible demand they now face.

Brokers should always look for ways to improve their websites

A great website is a brokerage's way of properly introducing itself to the world, and any real estate professionals who have had success know such a site is a good way to generate leads.