Can real estate agents get more out of Twitter?

May 3, 2018

Twitter is often one of the less-used social platforms for real estate professionals, at least for marketing purposes, but this presents a unique opportunity for those who can leverage the right techniques.

The problem for agents when using Twitter is that it seems to be more "interactive" than other social platforms, meaning they might feel they have to be more participatory in using the site on a regular basis, according to Realty NA. However, this actually helps them become more engaged if they can commit the time to getting it right.

Where to begin
When using Twitter as a marketing platform, it's important to ensure most initial tweets, particularly those about listings, have attractive pictures attached. For some non-listing posts, these can include photos of the agents themselves, or their logos.

Likewise, it's important for agents to make sure they also follow local accounts from other businesses, community leaders and the like, and share noteworthy content when it's posted. This will help agents boost their credibility as engaged professionals who have an expertise in their areas.

Finding the balance
As with any other social network, it might take agents some time to really get a handle on the ins and outs of Twitter, according to Hootsuite. For instance, there is a definite "just right" when it comes to how much an agent should be posting on the site - no more than a handful of times per day, but at least once or twice - and the same is true when it comes to self-promotion.

When agents are just getting the hang of a new platform, there's some trial and error involved, but getting it right can pay off in the end.