Can agents still make a difference with postcard marketing?

June 30, 2017

Over the past few years, real estate professionals have increasingly - and wisely - shifted most of their marketing efforts online. However, many agents have long relied on mailing postcards at this time of year, and it's very possible to continue to use this old standby effectively.

Just because they're online a lot more doesn't mean people don't check their mailboxes every day, so a well-designed marketing postcard sent by a local real estate agent is sure to catch their attention if they're thinking of buying or selling, according to Marketing Artfully. The first key here may be to target very specific audiences - newlyweds, new families, seniors looking to downsize and so on - so that, while not every recipient falls into that category, it will certainly pique the interest of those who do.

And all that kind of effort may take is a quick look at recent demographics who have visited a social media page or come into the office.

In addition, it's smart for agents to examine past marketing success and see at what times of the year they sent out mailers, according to On Carrot. This may help to unlock vital insights into when people are most likely to shop or sell. Moreover, making those marketing postcards seasonally themed could help resonate more as well.

Finally, it's crucial that these postcards feature big, attractive, eye-catching pictures, as well as a little information on the back about the agents themselves and, of course, all the pertinent contact information. When done right, this old-school marketing option can still go a long way.