Brokers: Want to boost agent skills? Now is the time

September 22, 2017

The busy summer buying and selling season is finally over, and for agents and brokers alike, that presents a unique opportunity. The added downtime that typically comes when the fall arrives is the perfect time for brokers to make sure their agents are up to speed with the modern real estate industry and all the skills it requires. The same is true when it comes to efforts for refining long-held skills for even the most veteran agents, to make sure everyone is on the same page and set up for success in the months and years ahead.

Being a real estate professional is often more about being in the "people" business than real estate itself, and to that end, it's important for agents to make sure they're treating every client as though it's their only client - especially when the market is this hot, according to CA Realty Training. That means taking time to be as genuine as possible in dealing with every buyer or seller, and trying to be as present even when juggling multiple clients, meetings, deadlines and so on.

What does that entail?
One of the biggest issues for agents includes really listening to whatever issues their clients bring up to them, and working to address those concerns as directly as possible, while keeping multiple plates spinning. It's understandable that agents would have a lot on their minds given the pace of today's market, but making sure to listen carefully, repeat back what's being emphasized (which is also a good method to help those concerns stick in the memory) and generally connect with clients can go a long way for all involved.

And while most agents know how important that kind of connection is, getting refocused and re-dedicated to the practice can be vital. That, in turn, can help agents stay positive throughout every sale.

Other areas to emphasize
Meanwhile, agents may also need to brush up on some of the skills they'll need on the business side of things, according to Marketing Real Estate. After all, homes more or less sell themselves at this point, so agents might want to brush up a bit on the salesmanship aspects of the job, including what makes social media or email marketing most effective, and what in-person practices not only help connect with clients, but also get through the real estate sales process as smoothly as possible.

One skill that might be particularly important, given current market conditions, is time management, as it's not always easy for agents to keep everything straight considering how full their plates are likely to be. A little training here can be extremely effective, and brokers may want to start the ball rolling with some helpful hints and training to get their agents up to speed.

Of course, every brokerage has its own needs, and not all training will be applicable given the unique makeup of their local markets or staff of agents. Brokers therefore need to use their own judgment to determine exactly what training efforts will make the most sense this fall, and act quickly to provide those opportunities.