Boost your productivity with new real estate tech

April 8, 2019

At this time of year in particular, real estate professionals have a lot on their plates. With that in mind, they may want to look into ways tech can help them handle some of their everyday tasks a little more easily. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help agents with just about any aspect of their day-to-day work.

One of the biggest sources of relief for any agent might be an IFTTT program that makes it easier to handle details across different platforms, according to Fortune Builder. While these programs are often referred to by the catch-all acronym, it stands for "If this, then that," and are mainly designed to save anyone using them a bit of time.

For instance, one such app could automatically post the same blog update to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages at once, meaning you won't have to write the social posting then copy and paste it elsewhere multiple times for every update. There are, of course, a litany of IFTTT programs that can communicate between the other platforms you use on a daily basis to make your life a little easier, so a quick web search will help you find the options that work best for your specific needs.

Document organization is key
Any real estate pro knows full well that they're constantly handling physical paperwork, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. With that in mind, a program like Evernote can scan all kinds of new documents and otherwise allow you to store information - and even share that data with other agents, brokers or clients with ease - into a single system that helps make agents' lives easier.

Adopting this kind of platform also helps agents reduce clutter insofar as they can get rid of any documents for which they do not need physical copies, which further helps with their efforts to keep everything in their business organized going forward.

Perfecting the client experience
At the same time as agents may want to invest in technology that makes their lives easier, the same can be true of helping make the real estate sales process easier to handle for client, according to Easy Agent Pro. DocuSign, for instance, is now seen as critical for making sure all parts of the signing process go quickly, easily and smoothly; after all, the ability to view and electronically sign documents from anywhere - even on a smartphone - gives agents and clients alike incredible flexibility and means they don't have to worry about scheduling face-to-face meetings or security of the sensitive information they enter into these systems.

One way for agents to think about the right tech investments is to consider what they spend the most time on every week and search for solutions that help reduce those commitments. Even an extra hour or two a week could be surprisingly effective in helping an agent keep up with their necessary work.