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New methods for connecting with clients can go a long way

As technology becomes easier to use and more portable, there are plenty of practical applications for a variety of new communication methods and ways of staying organized.

Referrals are crucial for sellers' agents

For real estate professionals at this time of year, it's all about who you know.

Utilize new tools to find new leads

With competition for homes and clients alike heating up, agents need all the tools they can find to get ahead and generate leads for potential future clients.

Aspire to be the best agent possible this selling season

It's a seller's market as the spring shopping season heats up once again, and real estate professionals likely have a lot on their plates.

Agents should know about phone security

For many real estate professionals, their smartphones are the lifeblood of their day-to-day work. As such, they need to keep those devices - and the vital data they store - as safe as possible.

Tweak what worked before for a new marketing method

Real estate professionals are always on the lookout for the hot new way to market themselves and gain an edge in their local markets.

Working with an agent can reduce stress for buyers and sellers

As the spring buying season arrives, real estate professionals often find the demands on their time and attention pulling them in a number of different directions.

Real estate agents have strong job prospects

Real estate professionals are very in-demand these days.

March DIY home design ideas

With the weather getting warmer, now is a great time for homeowners to undertake a DIY project or two to make their properties just a little better or more beautiful.

Is it time to redecorate the old office?

While many agents typically meet their clients in the field, sometimes they need to convene in the broker's office instead.