Prepping for agent reviews

With the holiday season approaching, brokers likely have a a lot of prep work on their plate before the end of the year.

Boost marketing around Thanksgiving

Real estate professionals can leverage the holiday to improve both their physical and online marketing efforts.

Have the kids help with Thanksgiving decorations

Giving kids something to do in the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday can kill two birds with one stone: Keep them busy and prep some adorable decorations.

Tech trends keep shifting, impacting real estate

So much is happening in the industry's tech these days that it's hard for even diligent real estate professionals to fully keep up.

Thanksgiving-themed pop-by gifts for agents to try

This is really the time of year for real estate professionals to start re-engaging with the clients they helped over the past year, and a pop-by gift is a great way to do it.

What skills should agents hone before the new year?

Now is the time for real estate professionals to get up to speed on a few skills they will need to be as sharp as possible when the new shopping season begins.

Is VR really worth it for real estate agents?

Real estate professionals have likely heard a lot of buzz around virtual reality in recent years. However, some may be skeptical about the return on investment they will receive from utilizing it.

Why November is the perfect month for building networks

While there isn't likely to be a lot of sales activity, real estate professionals can use the month of November to instead build out their connections with their communities.

Now is the time to prep real estate marketing

When the annual slowdown of late fall and early winter hits, real estate professionals often have more time on their hands.

Unexpected marketing opportunities this fall

Real estate professionals might have a little wiggle room to market in unorthodox - but effective - ways this fall.