Augmented reality becoming a bigger part of real estate

To the uninitiated, augmented reality still sounds like a science fiction concept.

Effective real estate marketing in winter

Marketing real estate at this time of year might seem like a tall task, but a few simple tips can get agents plenty of leads.

Agents should encourage selling clients to keep homes safe in winter

Winter comes with a lot of unique seasonal risks, and selling clients need to be aware of them to avoid accidents or property damage.

Make some winter DIY decorations that last the whole season

While a lot of winter decorating focuses on the holidays, some more generic winter DIY projects can keep a home festive even as January and February approach.

Brokers should look internally to drive future performance

Many real estate brokers take the late fall and winter months to assess what their businesses will need for the following spring and summer.

Agents should start crafting their 2018 business plans

With 2018 almost here, it's wise for real estate professionals to set aside some time to craft their business plans for the year ahead.

Where real estate tech is evolving

More investors are pouring money into developing the behind-the-scenes tech that powers the real estate industry, and it's important for brokers and agents alike to understand where that money is going, and why.

How new agents can talk to clients and colleagues

What new real estate professionals may not know is just how important it is to have open lines of communications with all their clients on an ongoing basis.

Agents can help sellers prep their homes, even in the winter

While winter might not seem like the ideal time to sell, there are plenty of ways to do so without any issues and still get a good price.

Where is the market headed in 2018?

The housing market has changed a lot in the past year alone, and now experts have even more predictions for what the year to come may hold.