Quick real estate tech tips to boost marketing power

Tech is the future of real estate, and agents who use it to effectively market their services can get an edge on the competition.

What makes a good social media post?

When agents are posting on social media, some types of content are likely to get more traction than others.

How can agents and sellers make their open houses amazing?

While it may seem that homes "sell themselves" in today's market, it's still vital for real estate professionals to work closely with selling clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their open houses.

Working with younger agents is key for brokerages

The industry continues to turn over agents at a high rate, and as a result it may be wise for brokers to make sure they know how to connect with young real estate professionals now coming into the sector en masse.

Fun August holidays to highlight

August is a month devoid of traditional holidays, but agents can get a little creative with their marketing efforts to highlight fun lesser-known holidays.

Real estate tech becoming more popular with homebuyers

These days, it's not just enough for real estate professionals to have a passing understanding of the tech in their field.

Unique marketing helps agents stand out in a crowded field

When real estate professionals think outside the box with their marketing - either online or in the real world - they may be more likely to see more business and build a stronger brand at the same time.

Sellers rely heavily on agents' advice

For many of today's sellers, they've never approached the real estate sales process from this side of the transaction. As such, agents' advice is perhaps more important for owners than it is for would-be buyers.

How can agents connect with young adults?

Even if the summer buying season is starting to wind down, many first-time buyers remain enthusiastic about the market.

Get the most out of a real estate marketing video

When agents want to create shareable content, a video is a great way to start. There are a few commonalities shared between the most popular types of videos.