Agents should start planning for winter now

September 18, 2018

Any real estate professional knows that a big part of succeeding in the industry is having plenty of plans laid out in advance. Consequently, taking the time now to lay the groundwork for winter work is vital. That includes not only making sure there are good structures in place for continuing marketing and social media efforts throughout the late fall and winter, but also good ideas for showing off sellers' listings during that time as well.

Perhaps the most important thing for agents to do at this time of year is put in the legwork to prep their marketing strategies so that they can continue to keep their name out there and build their brands even if people aren't necessarily looking to get into the market - as either buyers or sellers - en masse, according to Home Value Leads. Often, that kind of effort is best focused toward past and current clients, rather than trying to reach potential leads.

Where to begin
When trying to foster stronger connections to people who have already sought out an agent's services, there are a few ways to approach this task. Of course, most of these individuals will be signed up for an agent's contact list, and whether newsletters are sent out via physical or electronic mail, making sure those updates are coming regularly is always a good idea.

Likewise, a proactive approach on social media, where agents are posting something at least once daily that shows off their local expertise - or the fact that they're still facilitating real estate sales on a regular basis even in this slower season - can be a great move as well.

Further, providing personalized pop-by gifts during the holiday season for clients who purchased or sold a home at some point in the calendar year is always a good idea for boosting client satisfaction, even months after sales were finalized.

How to show off homes
Any real estate pro can tell you that you're not always going to experience ideal conditions when showing homes for sale in the winter, according to Inman. However, getting an open house or personal showing right is still vital to helping sellers get a deal done quickly, easily and to their satisfaction.

The one consideration that's most critical to getting a showing right is to be smart; if the weather is foreboding, it's better to reschedule than have people risk their health and safety. Along similar lines, it's vital to make sure all walkways where visitors will be walking are shoveled, salted and free of puddles. And if visitors might track in mud and snow, it's probably wise to have a place where they can simply take their shoes off and store them out of the way.

While most agents have probably been through at least one or two winters before, it's vital that they revisit their plans and make sure they're going to be able to put their best foot forward at this time of year. A little extra work to redouble those same old efforts could really pay off in this increasingly competitive market.