Agents should review their performance now

November 27, 2018

With the end of the year approaching, real estate professionals should strive to set aside the time to look at how their efforts went over the previous several months. Since the start of the buying and selling season, agents have likely put in thousands of hours of work to simultaneously grow their business and help their clients get good outcomes in the real estate sales process, but they may not always have the efficiency they want in those efforts.

To that end, taking stock of what worked and what needs to be improved at this time of year, when things start to slow down a bit, may be a good idea, according to Elite Agent. Generally speaking, agents are pretty good about setting goals for themselves at the start of each shopping season, so the best way to review how effective they were overall would be to compare their results versus the expectations they previously laid out.

How to do it
Did they meet those goals, fall short or exceed them? Regardless of the answer, figuring out the "why" of it may help them unlock ways they can continually improve. Ideally, agents would have been checking their results against their benchmarks fairly regularly so that they don't end up falling behind, but given how hectic the market can be these days, it's not always feasible to do such a performance review.

However, that in itself is an area where agents may be able to boost their performance; if agents couldn't keep up with that effort this year, making sure they're setting aside time for next year might be a great way to end the year with some steps in the right direction.

Other things to keep in mind
Because of how much the market has been changing overall in recent years, it's not always realistic for agents to hit every single performance benchmark they've set for themselves, according to Agents Boost. If that's the case, though, it's often the result a situation where agents didn't allocate themselves enough resources - whether that was financial or just in terms of time - to get everything done they needed to.

Moreover, while it's natural to celebrate big achievements - and agents these days have probably had a lot of them given the strength of the market - it's also unwise to fixate too much on the shortcomings. Instead of worrying about "I should have done this" or "I could have done that," it's wiser for agents to make sure they are putting plans in place to ensure they don't make those missteps again.

Self-reflection and self-criticism are always good things, so taking the time now to consider the ways in which they can ensure their own long-term successes with careful strategizing and implementation of effective plans. Again, checking in regularly on the progress of those efforts is always advisable, and the more agents can do to empower themselves in that aspect of their work, the better off they are likely to be in the long term.