Agents should know about phone security

March 20, 2017

For many real estate professionals, their smartphones are the lifeblood of their day-to-day work. As such, they need to keep those devices - and the vital data they store - as safe as possible.

Many people simply set their phones down somewhere and forget them, and when agents run open houses, their attention is pulled in all different directions. Consequently, it's easy to misplace mobile devices, which can pose major problems for real estate professionals in particular, according to RISMedia. That issue is particular pressing because in most cases, lost or stolen phones are never recovered.

With this in mind, it's important for agents to both be cognizant of where their phones are at all times (and password-protect those devices so they can't be opened), and back up the critical information stored on them on a regular basis. The more often that information is backed up, the less problematic a lost or stolen phone will be in terms of preserving contacts, important messages, and so on.

Moreover, it's also possible to encrypt data on smartphones with the right apps, and that's another step that could be a wise move for cautious agents, according to Intellect Digest. Finally, most smartphones come with the ability to remotely lock and track them, and agents should take the time to enable and familiarize themselves with these features.

In general, using common sense and being aware of surroundings will help agents keep their devices secure, and let them continue doing their jobs effectively.