Agents should help their clients prep for a spring sale

March 29, 2018

While real estate professionals likely have a lot on their plates at this time of year, it's still vital that their selling clients know how best to make their homes attractive to would-be buyers.

There is certainly the perception in today's market that homes "sell themselves," but owners and agents alike still have to put in the work to make sure owners get top dollar for their properties, even at this time of year, according to Coletta Cutler Realty. This overhaul should start in front of a home, rather than inside it.

Dealing with the yard
Curb appeal is so important in getting the real estate sales process off on the right foot. Homes that don't have well-maintained lawns, nice paint jobs and other attractive features can fall behind in terms of buyer interest. To this end, hiring a landscaper or putting in the hard work will typically go a long way, as will repainting a house, or at least its trim, if necessary.

What about indoors?
Homeowners are also wise to turn over the decor or furnishings they've been relying on to keep a house cozy over the winter, according to Old Dominion Realty. Replacing heavy curtains or drapes with lighter, brighter options is a great way to start, and so too is keeping the blinds or shades wide open. It might also be wise to repaint rooms with neutral colors so that they're a little brighter as well.

When homeowners put in just a little bit of work to get their homes ready for a spring sale, it can really provide a sizable return on investment.