Agents should have fall marketing plans ready to go

August 15, 2017

With summer almost over, real estate professionals need to make sure they have plans for how to market themselves in the fall. While activity is likely to follow the seasonal tradition of slowing down in comparison with the ultra-busy summer months, given the state of today's market, even a "slower" autumn will likely result in hectic times for many agents, and lots of opportunity to get ahead.

As a result, it's vital for agents to ensure they've positioned themselves as local real estate experts and active members of their communities in all their marketing, both online and in the real world, according to Home Value Leads. At this time of year, real-world marketing in particular might be a good area to focus on, because that's the kind of thing that really catches people's eyes as they start driving the kids around town for school events and fall sports.

To that end, having a presence at local events - like fall festivals - or sponsoring youth sports teams is always a tried-and-true way to keep an agency's name out there, but so too is running a charitable effort, such as a canned food or clothing drive. The latter may be helpful as well because it might bring people into the office if they'd been on the fence about staying active in the market as the cooler weather arrives.

Traditional marketing stays important
At the same time, though, agents would also be wise to transition to fall marketing in other ways, such as by changing the color schemes on their websites or sharing more autumn-centric content in their social media posts, email newsletters and mailers. That can include things like basic information about the fall housing market - and how it may be a big benefit for would-be buyers - but also simple tips for DIY home improvement projects that can be completed in the fall months.

Where to begin?
When it comes to fall marketing, one of the easiest ways to go for many agents is to focus planning around the holidays, according to Digital Marketing Inc. While Halloween and Thanksgiving are the big days each autumn, and there are a few other holidays that may be fruitful for marketing purposes.

Since Labor Day is the unofficial "end of summer," it might be wise to plan a quick post or email newsletter article about what the fall housing market means for both buyers and sellers. Along similar lines, the Columbus Day long weekend typically comes with sales in retail industries. Agents might be able to highlight some good local housing deals at the same time.

In general, the more agents can do to make sure they've planned their local and marketing efforts well in advance, the better off they will be when it comes to ensuring every aspect of those efforts go smoothly. Even a few extra weeks of strategizing can give agents the time to fine-tune every aspect of their fall marketing and ensure another strong season of real estate sales.