Agents should encourage selling clients to keep homes safe in winter

November 17, 2017

Winter comes with a lot of unique seasonal risks, and selling clients need to be aware of them to avoid accidents or property damage. That's an area where experienced real estate professionals can provide some important advice.

One of the biggest areas of concerns for many homeowners should be their gutters, according to Property Casualty 360. For instance, if they haven't been cleaned out before cold weather arrives, they can lead to ice dams that can back up and affect a home's roof. Also, gutters could become too heavy and collapse, potentially causing damage to siding or windows.

Other potential issues
Of course, many homes don't have gutters, but similar concerns about ice, snow and water damage should exist for those who haven't done any maintenance on their roofs in some time. Missing shingles and other exposed patches can lead to costly water damage that can go undetected for too long.

Recognizing risk factors
Meanwhile, it's also worth noting that in a lot of cases, homes may be at greater risk for fire in winter, according to the Dowd Agencies. That's because homeowners with fireplaces are more likely to use them, but also because people may be using the stove more or cranking up the heat. As with a roof, if those aspects of a home haven't been properly inspected, they can lead to significant hazards that can damage a home and potentially derail real estate sales.

Agents should let their clients know not only the best ways to detect risks before they arise, but also what homeowners might be able to do to prevent them.