Agents on social media can market listings, and themselves

January 24, 2017

Occasionally, industry polls will show that while most real estate professionals are on at least one social media platform, they primarily use these sites to market either themselves and their businesses, or their listings. But experts generally recommend that it doesn't have to be an either-or scenario. In fact, it's usually a good idea to mix all kinds of promotional efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The way consumers in general see marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks in large part to social media, according to REM Online. Not all marketing efforts these days are going to allow agents to draw a straight line between their various online postings and real estate sales, because these days it's more about building a brand in a lot of cases. Some may see this kind of marketing as being a little too self-promoting, especially if they tend to be more old-fashioned. However, it's not only what modern homebuyers and sellers might prefer, it's probably what they've come to expect.

Converting online leads
Because many agents are slowly adjusting to this new world of using social networking to both begin and bolster real-world relationships, one of the biggest issues some real estate pros may struggle with these days is in going from online conversations to those on the phone or in person. This switch from virtual to direct communication isn't always easy for would-be clients either. As such, it's important for agents to work on how they're going to pitch themselves as local real estate experts in person.

Having what some in the sales business call an "elevator pitch" prepared can go a long way toward helping agents feel comfortable with what they're saying while still exuding the confidence and expertise they might need to help seal a strong relationship going forward. Of course, mixing in certain elements from the existing online relationship is a good idea at this time, but having even a framework for how that conversation will go is typically smart.

A diversified social presence
With this in mind, it's time for some agents to approach social platforms differently, according to Social Barrel. For instance, it isn't enough just to market listings on a Facebook page, or highlight open houses on Twitter. Instead, agents should take a hybrid approach across all social platforms. That should include working to build a strong relationship with clients through shareable content that highlights not only beautiful listings, but also the agent behind it. One great way to do the latter may be to get more involved with local events, posting live video from parades and other town gatherings, sponsoring local youth sports teams, and so on.

Coming up with a cogent social media strategy to follow isn't as difficult as it might sound, and in fact sketching out the general ideas that will drive how agents talk about each facet of online marketing could make it easier. In general, the more advance work agents do to ensure a judicious social media plan, the more effective their listing and professional marketing efforts are likely to be.