Agents: Improve branding with simple changes

May 29, 2018

When agents need to stand out in their local markets, a strong branding strategy is often a great jumping-off point. As such, a little work to quickly and easily improve an agent's brand is likely to pay off in many ways.

Good branding starts with an eye-catching logo, but it can also be easy to overthink the redesign effort, according to Honey Bar Media. Logos should be simple, with bold colors so that they're immediately recognizable and a legible font for the agent's name.

What else to think about
However, branding goes far beyond just the logo, and agents need to be able to integrate the new color scheme and style of the logo into their other materials as well. For instance, everything distributed via email or at an open house, as well as on all print and online ads or social medial campaigns, should follow the same style as the new logo. The whole point of branding is so that when people see an agent's logo or even that color scheme, the agent immediately leaps to mind.

Stick with what works
Meanwhile, agents should also strive to make sure people are associating their name not just with the branding, but also good service overall, according to Inman. For most agents, that simply means carrying on the great work they're doing already. That said, redoubling those efforts as part of a rebrand, especially at this time of year, can typically go a long way toward ensuring success for years to come.

Any agent's primary job is taking care of their clients, and when that's done right, it's easy for people to associate that real estate pro's name with quality.