Agents can help sellers prep their homes, even in the winter

November 17, 2017

While winter might not seem like the ideal time to sell, there are plenty of ways to do so without any issues and still get a good price. One of the big keys is real estate professionals and selling clients working together to find the best marketing opportunities to help the homes sell well.

Among the most important things to remember at this time of year is that curb appeal still matters, whether it's for pictures or an open house, according to The Balance. To that end, agents and clients should focus on attractive decoration during the holiday season and making sure the yard is free of debris like fallen leaves or sticks and twigs that have been knocked off trees by snow, ice and wind.

Once they're inside
Meanwhile, when hosting an open house, it's a good idea to make sure the heating system is in good shape and ready to do its job even as potentially dozens of visitors come and go. And during this time of year, it's even more important than ever to consider warm, vibrant lighting options.

Industry experts point out that for an open house in winter, sellers can't count on the thin sunlight to accentuate all the beautiful touches of their homes (especially when so many days are gray and overcast), so every light in the house should be turned on and every shade or curtain thrown open. These steps will ensure as much light as possible reaches every corner of every room.

What can agents do?
Of course, when it comes to selling at this time of year, not everything is on the sellers, according to the Rochester Real Estate Blog. Agents must also be able to carefully evaluate the local market and see how - or whether - demand has waned as the holiday season approaches and determine how changes will affect the proposed asking price. The more agents can do to set the right price to drum up interest, even when some shoppers might wait on the sidelines, the better off their clients will be.

Moreover, because real estate professionals likely have long track records of success in their areas, agents can also advise selling clients about the best ways to ensure homes sell and help them identify areas they might not have thought of on their own. For instance, while most people will understand the need to tidy up before an open house, they might not know the secrets that something as simple as baking a fresh batch of cookies or lighting a few scented candles can do to get would-be buyers feeling a little more home-y.

Most people who are selling these days have probably never done so before, so they will lean heavily on their agents to give them the best possible tips for facilitating real estate sales. This reality requires open lines of communication and careful attention from both parties, but getting it right can help homes sell quickly even when local activity is at a lower ebb.