Agents can help clients boost curb appeal without spending a lot

May 3, 2018

Real estate professionals know full well the value of having a home that carries lots of curb appeal, but some homeowners may not have the budget to go all out with these types of improvements. Fortunately, there are a few ways they can optimize this issue without breaking the bank.

Perhaps the easiest way to boost curb appeal without breaking a budget is by giving a home's exterior a good scrub-down, which costs little more than the time and cleaning supplies that go into it, according to Zillow. Cleaning the windows, power washing the siding, mowing the lawn and trimming bushes and trees is a great way to start. Likewise, putting a fresh coat of paint on a fence can go a long way toward making a home look more inviting from the street.

Quick, simple additions
Another cheap option for dressing up a home's exterior is to paint in bright, attractive colors and perhaps install shutters around all the windows. When the exterior of a home is only one or two colors - especially if they're flat white or gray - that might not be as enticing as bright, vibrant additions. Adding the shutters and repainting both doors and the trim around windows to match or complement them is a great addition. Often, adding shutters will cost less than a few hundred dollars for an entire home

It can also be pretty simple to install large, classy address numbers on the front of the house, and update outdoor lighting fixtures. In both cases, the cost of doing so is probably far less than a budget-conscious homeowner might expect, with a total added cost of less than $100.

Going green
Meanwhile, homeowners might also be able to make their homes more welcoming by ensuring their lawns and shrubbery are in good shape overall, according to HGTV. This also probably doesn't cost as much as many homeowners might expect, but within just a few weeks can really pay off. Re-seeding a lawn is an important step, but so too is planting bright, healthy bushes and flowers that nicely accent a home's coloring.

It might also be a good idea to plant some young trees in the front yard, because this can not only make a yard look more welcoming overall, but also give potential buyers a feeling of a little more privacy, especially if the trees bear plenty of leaves. Moreover, incoming buyers may be able to imagine themselves in the homes as the trees grow year by year.

Clients and agents shouldn't be afraid to collaborate on these efforts, because homeowners will know what they can afford, and agents will know what improvements may make sense based on that budget and local market demands. By working together to boost curb appeal, agents may be able to help their clients boost their asking prices and get them through the real estate sales process far more quickly than they otherwise might have expected.