Agents can boost their social status

February 9, 2018

With spring nearly here, many real estate professionals may be considering how they can connect with new clients, and doubling down on social media might be a good jumping-off point. After all, most people spend a lot of time on these sites every day scrolling through cat videos and liking baby pictures. As a result, agents can use them as the stepping stone to future fruitful relationships.

When trying to get a bigger footprint on any social media site, agents can start with specific goals and a plan for how to reach them, all charted out in advance, according to Floor Plan for Real Estate. When the goal is to become more involved in social media, that's usually simple enough, but getting more specific, such as determining which platforms will be used and who will be targeted, could go a long way.

Off to a good start
What kinds of content will agents create and share? What do they hope to accomplish with that content? When and how will they post it? What's the plan for monitoring those social accounts? These are all important issues to consider, and agents can have these plans in writing when they're ramping up the effort.

For instance, plenty of agents get a lot of traction with photos and video-based social posts, so that's probably a good jumping-off point. However, the posts need a purpose beyond showing off an attractive listing. These posts should engage people, encouraging them to interact and share the media whenever possible.

In fact, it might be a smart for agents to simply think about their social efforts in terms of growing an online community, rather than just fostering leads. Something as simple as setting aside time to interact with people, instead of just scheduling posts and rarely checking in, could pay off significantly, because members of the group will start to see agents more as people with a vested interest in the community rather than just someone trying to build their business. These two ideas don't have to be diametrically opposed, but appearing as a member of a community first and foremost is probably a good idea.

Get to know the tools
The good news for agents who are trying to expand their social media use these days is that there are plenty of apps and online tools to help them manage their accounts quickly and easily, according to Local Social Pro. A few options will allow agents to outsource some of their social posting to third-party pros who specialize in these efforts, at a relatively low cost. Others will give agents more control over the accounts themselves, such as apps that let agents get a better handle on the Facebook ads they want to post.

Suffice it to say, agents might want to do a little research on some of the best practices related to social media management and learn about the innovative options available to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves ahead of the spring shopping season. With a little prep work, agents can go a long way toward meeting their full potential on these sites.