Agents can boost connections with potential clients

October 23, 2017

Many real estate professionals often have a loose "script" when courting a prospective buyer or seller - something to guide the conversation forward. However, being flexible is often a great idea, especially when social media is involved.

There are a few basic tips that go into client communications of any type, and when trying to connect with a lead, perhaps the most important is confidence, according to RISMedia. While this doesn't fall within the parameters of following a script, specifically, the fact is potential clients will often ask a lot of questions, and many of them could steer the conversation in different directions.

What breeds confidence?
But where abiding by a loose script comes in here is simple: Often, agents will get questions to which they don't know the answer. It's only natural. When that happens, they can stick to one seven-word phrase, then steer the conversation back in the direction they need.

"If you have a lot of confidence and you don't know something, but you tell them 'I don't know, but I will find out,' people will love you more and they will respect you more, because you said I don't know with confidence," Mark Seiden, founder and CEO of the Mark Seiden Real Estate Team, told the site. "Then, when you follow up with your found information, the client will trust you even more."

Because confidence in these would-be client dealings is so important, it stands to reason agents should do all they can to make themselves confident in what they're saying just by familiarizing themselves with that information. With that in mind, rehearsing a script - with a family member, friend, or even another agent - can go a long way toward making agents more comfortable with any potential questions that might arise.

What about social media?
Of course, a large and growing percentage of client leads are coming from dealings on social media, and it's important for agents to be prepared to deal with people on those platforms as well, according to Inman. For instance, having the ability to quickly respond to questions on Facebook - either posted on an agent's wall or sent via chat - is crucial to making a connection . If people get a response in less than a half-hour, they're more likely to feel as though an agent has a genuine interest in their questions.

Likewise, it's important for agents to have plans for how they will take those relationships forged online into the real world, because that's where real estate sales necessarily have to take place. Often, stopping by a local cafe for a quick cup of coffee to discuss their questions more in-depth is a great way to start, helping people put a human face to the online profile in a casual environment other than an agent's office.

The real estate business is all about forging human connections, and the more agents can do to make a lasting impression, whether it's in person or online, the better off they will be when it comes to getting more business.