Active agents are successful agents

June 28, 2017

The spring and summer buying seasons have been underway for some time now, and many real estate professionals have been inundated with interest among buyers in particular for months. That may lead them to focus more on the sales process than the other work typically associated with conducting business most effectively, such as marketing. However, experts suggest that viewing work, even in the busiest times, as an  important tool in improving their business can help agents succeed.

It's easy enough for agents to view the hectic shopping season as being full of non-stop demands on their time and attention, according to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors. However, agents can use this time to work on their various skills and continue to work toward industry-standard best practices. One way to view even the most demanding times, then, is to say, "If I can successfully juggle clients' needs, marketing, education, and more at this time of year, I can do it any time."

How to do it
In fact, one of the things tremendously successful agents say is most important is actually easiest to accomplish when they are constantly in touch with both buying and selling clients. This is a business that's all about building strong relationships, both with clients and other professionals, and there's no better time to do it than by effectively handling whatever needs arise at this time.

Moreover, any spare moments should be spent on either marketing efforts - since it's important to get that name out there even now - and learning more about how to get ahead in the industry. There are plenty of other networking and education events that may be available to agents, but those looking to build strong connections with clients and potentially generate more leads have numerous options available to them at this time of year.

All about leads
While business is readily available in the spring and summer, it's those lasting relationships agents build with clients during the real estate sales process that will produce natural leads in the fall and winter, helping to keep agents going even when the market cools a bit. To that end, it's important to continually make new connections, of course, but also keep them going throughout the year, according to Success Harbor. Being readily available and consistently returning text, emails, phone calls and even social media messages in short order is a good way for agents to show they care.

In addition, working toward being better prepared is always a good idea, and ensuring there's plenty of time set aside for the nuts and bolts of the business is also crucial to maintaining those relationships. Simple activities like updating and monitoring social media, or writing and distributing newsletters, can help keep agents front of mind for past - and potential future - clients.

For agents, having the ability to properly budget their time isn't always easy, but it is necessary. That level of attention to detail can go a good distance when it comes to setting the proper foundation for long-term success.