A spring mailer campaign is a good idea for agents

March 29, 2018

Whether it's electronic or physical, real estate professionals may be able to draw in new clients with a simple, elegant mailer campaign that highlights their expertise.

At this time of year, it's smart to seize on the changing season and talk about the way trends are likely to shape the market in the months ahead, according to Omnisend. This is true in nearly all industries, but in real estate in particular, where activity bustles most in the spring and summer months - so capitalizing on people's interest in the market is vital.

Grabbing attention
Because there is so much competition among real estate agents these days, it might also be wise for newsletters to contain something that really engages recipients, such as a contest or promotional offer that can entice them to connect with agents.

For people who regularly receive email marketing, it could be wise for agents to craft their messages around spring holidays, just to further tie into the festivities.

Re-forging connections
Agents might also want to reach out to past clients with a quick reminder email, according to marketing expert Susan K. Bailey. While those people may not be in the market to buy a home once again, they might know some people who are, and trying to re-establish that connection between agents and past clients can likely pay off with strong referrals and positive word of mouth.

The more agents can do to get their name out there in an engaging way at this time of year, the better off they will be when it comes to seizing on the opportunity available in spring.