4th of July marketing tips

June 19, 2018

Many people are feeling patriotic these days, and agents' direct marketing efforts at this time of year should certainly reflect the Independence Day theme.

The good news is there's plenty of stock photos and fun tie-ins for real estate professionals to use, whether their messaging is being sent to real-world mail boxes or via email, according to Realvolve. However, it might be wise to include a little more than just a call to action with that festive imagery;. including a quick recipe for a nice iced tea or lemonade, for example, can really catch a recipient's eye.

Stop on in
It might also be wise for agents to use the occasion to improve their relationships with past and current clients. Stopping by someone's house with a nice gift at this time of year, like some supplies to make s'mores or a six-pack of locally brewed beer can help people get even more enjoyment out of their holidays, and also keep agents front of mind with clients and potential leads alike.

Getting clicks
In addition, it will be smart for agents to make sure any content they're producing around Independence Day revolves around that theme, so that it's more likely to be shared by the people who follow them on social media, according to Thrive Hive. There is no shortage of information for agents to share - both about their business and the local market - but a quick guide to local events around the holiday could be particularly well-received by the people in their communities.

Above all, it's important for agents to think about the ways in which their marketing at this time of year will stand out from the crowd.