4 fun social marketing ideas

September 18, 2018

When real estate professionals want to stand out from the crowd online, one way they can often do so is by having a little more fun on social media. While it's always important to present a professional air in all real estate dealings, agents should try to avoid taking their work so seriously that their social postings aren't engaging.

1) Give a peek behind the curtain

While many agents love to show off their listed homes with gorgeous photography and video, the same old postings can get a little one-note after awhile, according to Market Leader. Sometimes, it might be wiser to not only show off the finished product of a photo shoot, but also a quick behind-the-scenes video of how much work goes into a home staging or walkthrough video.

This can make agents come across a little more like an everyday person instead of a staid professional, and also show off the lengths they'll go to when it comes to helping their clients make a sale.

2) Let others post too

Every once in a while - especially at this time of year - agents may struggle to produce the kind of content they should strive for; it's not easy to come up with a good idea every single day, after all.

When writer's block rears its ugly head, agents might be wise to turn to colleagues, mentors, friends in the industry, past clients and others to craft compelling ideas for social media posts. Doing so could further establish agents' reach and expertise in the market, whether it's through an informative post from one of their long-time advisors, or a strong testimonial from a satisfied client.

3) Forge a partnership

Much like guest posting from others who know or have worked with an agent can be a great way to attract attention, it's also a good idea to buddy up with local businesses or events outside the real estate sector, according to WordStream. When agents can start talking about the coat drives they're involved with, or offer promotions for gift cards to local restaurants and shops, they're more likely to get engagement throughout the winter months.

Many people may even share content if they can help a good cause or get something in return for their effort and engagement.

4) Live Q&As

While many agents now use social media in new and exciting ways, one aspect of these platforms that many haven't tapped yet is livestreaming. This can encompass things like a live walkthrough of an open house, but may be better suited for a sit-down question-and-answer session - which should, of course, be promoted in advance - in which users can get advice and insight from one or more real estate pros.

Generally speaking, real estate professionals would be wise to look at what their competitors are doing to promote themselves throughout the fall and winter, and find ways they can think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to stand out in today's competitive market.