3 tips to take the next step with social marketing

June 28, 2017

Given how many people spend a good chunk of their days on social media, many real estate professionals have come to realize the kind of marketing power these sites provide at little to no cost. What some agents may not know, however, is that Facebook and other platforms have plenty of little-known features agents can utilize to improve their outreach. This is the kind of tool that can really give agents an edge, especially at busy times of the year.

Here are just a few of the tools agents can use to make their social media marketing work a lot better with minimal additional investment of time or money:

1) Know the audience

For agents who regularly use Facebook ads to make their listings pop up in would-be buyers' feeds, their effectiveness is often clear, but there's more power in that investment, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Within its Ad Manager tool, Facebook also provides analytics in the form of its Audience Insights feature, which gives exact data on things like where and who is clicking on these ads, among other things. That allows agents to get a better idea of what their ideal audience is for some kinds of listings, and they can then specifically target those ads to only people living in certain areas, in certain age ranges, and so on.

2) Take advantage of available ad media options

In addition, Facebook also now allows businesses to start inserting short videos into their ads - between five and 15 seconds - that can help agents show off a number of attractive features of their listed homes, or perhaps quickly introduce themselves as active, knowledgeable agents in their areas who can help prospective buyers or sellers with aplomb. Some Facebook ads, when clicked, can even just be used to start a conversation with the agent via Facebook Messenger, instantly.

Along similar lines, the email marketing platform MailChimp - a tool in many agents' tool belts at this point - recently launched a new service that allows users to place ads on Facebook and Instagram through its existing platform, according to PC Magazine. Likewise, users can choose the exact demographics to target with these marketing efforts. This service can also be used to track data about who clicks on links

3) Go live, in advance

Finally, the Facebook Live feature has already proven quite popular for agents, and with good reason. But this, too, has more features than many might think. For instance, Live sessions can be pre-scheduled for business pages, allowing a link to be set up in advance - say, for an open house walk-through - and then joined when the streaming event actually starts.

With all this in mind, it's clear that agents have a lot of tools at their disposal for boosting their presence and marketing power via social media. But the above examples are just a small sampling of what's available. Taking a little time to play around in the ad platforms and read more online about all the features out there can inform some really powerful marketing decisions.