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Use recyclables to make festive fall decor

September 30, 2014

Fall decorations are colorful and festive, but they can cost a pretty penny. If you're in the mood to decorate but want to stick to a budget, why not use a few items out of your recycling bin? There are lots of great fall crafts you can make from items that you'd otherwise throw away. Instead of investing your money, just invest a little time in these fun recycled decorations.

Candy dishes from berry baskets
The baskets that blueberries come in are perfect for reuse. All you need to do is update their color and add a little shine. Simply spray paint the basket the color of your choice - orange, red, yellow or gold are some seasonal colors - then cover with a coat of shiny sealer. They're a great way to display your Halloween candy. If you're feeling extra festive, you can decorate the final product with glitter pens.

Fall tree from puzzle pieces
This craft is especially fun to do with your children. You'll need a sheet of thick white paper, some old puzzle pieces, orange and yellow paint, a brown marker and some glue. Start by drawing a tree trunk and a few branches with the markers. Then, paint your puzzle pieces a bright array of colors. You can skip this step if you like the color they are already. Once they've dried, glue them down as the "leaves" on your tree. You can hang your artwork from the refrigerator or in the entryway!

Cute pumpkins from used light bulbs
This is the most complicated craft, but also one of the cutest. To make cute pumpkins out of old light bulbs, you'll need orange paint, a black marker, green ribbon and some glue. Paint the outside of the light bulb orange, then wait until it dries and apply another coat. When the paint is completely dry, carefully draw the ribs on the light bulb with the marker. The lines should start at the top of the bulb and continue down to the stem. Alternatively, you can draw on a jack-o-lantern face! Next, flip the light bulb so the fat part is at the bottom. You can use a napkin ring, metal nut or a patch of fabric to stand it up. Tie a strip of green ribbon around the top of your pumpkin and glue it in place. These little decorations are too cute just to make one!

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