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Top 5 tips and tricks for outdoor mood lighting

June 5, 2014

At long last, the summer has finally arrived, providing you with the opportunity to show off that great outdoor space you've spent much of your time and energy on. But if you really want to make it "shine," few elements are more fundamental than the appropriate mood lighting.

Similar to how music is a crucial, yet under appreciated component of tense action sequences in the movies, you probably don't think of lighting as being all that important. In reality, though, the way in which an outdoor space is illuminated provides a certain feel for the backyard, walkway or deck.

Take a look at some of these tips from HGTV. The recommendations may be just the thing that establishes the tone and mood that you want your space to convey.

Infuse your outside with what's inside. One of the things that separates the indoors from outdoors, besides the obvious surroundings, is light fixtures rather than natural sunlight. But who says you can't have a little of both? Provided you have a nearby outlet, consider setting up a light fixture or lamp over an outdoor dining table. It can bring a certain feel to your outdoor space that you don't get under an overcast or moonlit sky.

Can't go wrong with candles. Of course, if you're looking to light an area a distance away from your home, electricity is hard to come by without unsightly extension cords. Candles can help resolve this issue. Wherever you place them, make sure that they're in a place where they can't fall over but still be seen.

Repurpose Mason jars. If it's an organic, casual look you're after, consider using those Mason jars you have in your cupboard. By situating candles inside them, it offers a more earthy tone to your patio, deck or porch, especially when they're flanked by some small potted plants.

Utilize holiday lights. Though colored stringed bulbs may be seen as the most festive, a lot of people like the white variety because they offer a more regal look to a room. But they're great for the outdoors as well, by stringing them over an entryway or encircling a banister.

Careful not to over light. Once you're in the mood-lighting groove, there's a tendency to overdo it. Keep in mind that mood lighting is all about highlighting specific features of an outdoor space. But if there's too much, you can wind up canceling out the tone you want to establish. Try to live by the "less is more" standard.

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