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Tips to keep your doorways slush free

January 30, 2015

During the winter months, your doorway is the prime target for one big mess. Everyone from your kids to your pets track snowy feet through the area each and every day. If you don't nip it in the butt, you may find that you'll need to replace your hardwood floors once spring rolls around. Follow these pointers during the colder months of the year to preserve your home.

Bring in reinforcements
You're going to want to protect the area, and it won't be hard at all. Just buy a mat or area rug so your family members can drag their feet across the fabric upon entry instead of your nice new floors. Find something inexpensive, yet stylish. Don't over-invest in this product as you'll likely replace it, come next season.

Then, place one rug or mat at each doorway, and consider putting a runner in your foyer. Also, it's a good idea to put a few mats outside on your porch or doorstep, especially entryways that receive a lot of traffic. Be sure you make a strict "no shoes" policy during this snowy time of the year. It won't do you any good if those shoes hit the mat and then stomp all over the rest of the house. 

A little extra dusting
Don't forget to pay special attention to these entryways of your house. Salt may be too tiny to notice upon first glance, but it can deteriorate your floors and tiles. If you sweep or vacuum once a week, increase your routine to twice a week. 

When you think about it, a little extra dusting isn't all that bad, considering the price it costs to repair a floor - or purchase a brand new carpet. Besides, that's one less chore you'll have to do come spring cleaning. 

Don't forget the driveway
In addition to working hard to keep the inside of your house clean, be sure to keep up on your shoveling. If you let ice build up over a layer of snow, the members of your household are going to continue to drag it inside no matter how hard you scrub the areas clean. Recruit your kids and spouse to help you shovel, or consider hiring a service if the snowfall is too much to manage on your own. 

Taking these precautions can keep your household clean far beyond the winter months. Leave no slush unturned this winter.  

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