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Stain your deck for a spiffy outdoor space

April 9, 2014

Now that the spring has come out to thaw the frost and unfurl the foliage, chances are that you are going to be itching to spend some time outside. This means that you have to ensure that everything is in order so that you can enjoy your stints in the sunshine. One task that you'll probably have to tackle is staining your wooden deck, as the winter has probably taken quite the toll on this outdoor area. Here are several pointers you'll want to keep in mind as you embark on this endeavor:

• Never start to stain until the wood is completely clean. Pick up an oxygen bleach wood cleaner, which will remove any material crusted on your deck. If it's really dirty, consider having it pressure washed. Once this is done, sweep off any excess debris. 

• Keeping the wood dry is key to the staining process. Before you get going, make sure your deck is bone dry, or else it won't take the tint. Also, check the forecast to guarantee it won't rain, which would make your project a wash.

• In case the name isn't a dead giveaway, you should know that this stuff stains. Protect the other parts of your home - protect the exterior walls with painter's tape and lay drop clothes where need be.

• After going over your deck with a paint pad, take a brush and cover any crevices that are harder to reach. 

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