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Singing Singapore's praises: 4 reasons to visit The Little Red Dot

April 1, 2015

Don't get caught up in humdrum travel ideas. There are far too many places in the world to squander your precious time and money to return to your usual spots. Break free from the quintessential hiatuses to Europe or weekends in Miami and start planning a bold adventure. Think: Singapore.

Not sure where to begin? Here are four reasons why the city's on point.

1. Copious coffee, also known as kopi
So you're not going to drop several thousand dollars just to spend 22 plus hours on a plane to drink some killer coffee, but wanderlust types should prioritize choice caffeine, as it's the fuel that'll propel them for the duration of the sojourn.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, there are at least nine exceptional cafes to check out in the city. The indisputable Department of Caffeine promises visitors not only a wide variety of roasts, but also the best waffles that side of Singapore. Pull up a chair and scribble your travel stories in a journal while slowly sipping your cup of java at PS. Cafe, where the design rivals coffee as the establishment's best offering.

2. Fare from near and far
The city's culinary scene epitomizes diversity, in one word. Tourists and locals are no longer confined to traditional dishes like chili crab and chicken rice. 

Lonely Planet reported that today there are more than 100 open-air food markets that dot the island and about two new restaurants open every day. Meander over to Little India or Chinatown to encounter alternatives to the native fare.

3. Burgeoning art scene
The Wall Street Journal explained that Singapore was chomping at the bit to provide its people and tourists with one of the biggest and brightest art scenes. The government believes art enhances the quality of life and put its money where its mouth is by investing more than $1 billion into related projects.

And it shows. The city boasts museums, a 4,000-seat theater and the Esplanade - a series of studios and concert halls, reported the WSJ. Glimpse works that tell the story of Singapore's history at the National Museum of Singapore or the Singapore Art Museum.

4. Zen gardens
Staying in Singapore doesn't limit you to the confines of the city slicker lifestyle. Immerse yourself in nature by taking an afternoon stroll through the encapsulating Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Take note of how city meets nature at the Gardens by Bay. Lonely Planet summarized that it's a 101 hecatares of curious tech-driven sculptures of colossal trees.

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