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Prep your home before going on vacation

April 7, 2014

Are you and your family a bunch of avid globetrotters? If you tend to take off for extended periods of time, leaving your home and all its appliances unattended could be a risky move - unless you take the proper precautions to prevent potential disasters prior to your departure. It may be worth putting in a little effort and prepare your house before you take off for your next trip so you don't have to deal with any disasters when you return.

As you are making the last rounds right before you leave for vacation, you can reduce the odds of something going awry by shutting off the water supply to your house. Weather-wise, we're in the clear in terms of frozen pipes, but there's always a risk of pipe leaks - and a minor drip can turn into major damage over the course of a long weekend. Rather than coming home to water damage - ranging from buckled floors to mold - you can eliminate the possibility entirely by shutting of the main water valve. 

In colder months, you'll want to keep the heat on to prevent dreaded frozen pipes, but even in warm weather you may want to maintain some kind of climate control while you're away, particularly if you have pets, plants or antique furniture. USA Today recommends keeping temperatures at around 85 degrees to prevent heat or humidity spikes that could damage wood and leather, as well as cause stay-at-home cats discomfort and plants to wilt. 

In addition, you should be certain that all non-essential appliances are unplugged before you leave. Keeping equipment running while you're away is a waste of energy. Not to mention, it poses a risk of an electrical malfunction occurring, which could have a variety of impacts on your home, including causing a fire.