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Making a DIY wind chime

July 28, 2014

Lounging outdoors in a hammock under the shade or in a lawn chair on the porch is one of the most therapeutic activities. Let your stress float away on the passing warm breezes. The only thing that can make the relaxing atmosphere better is a soft touch of ambient noise, such as the wind through the leaves, the gurgling of a nearby stream or something you've created yourself.

Take advantage of that gentle summer breeze by floating your own specially designed melody onto the passing gusts. Wind chimes give your yard a little pleasant charm and fill the air with delicate serene sounds. 

Focus on three things
Building a wind chime of your own is incredibly simple and a perfect activity to unleash some of your creativity. You can use a flurry of different materials that make pleasant sounds or simply look appealing. There are three things you should consider before tackling a wind chime project:

  • What do you want your wind chime to look like?
  • How do you want it to sound?
  • How much time are you willing to spend making it?

For wind chimes that look beautiful and can be made affordably, using painted bamboo is a great idea. The material is bigger and easy to drill through, which takes a lot of the tedious calculation and care out of the equation and gives you ample canvas space to create a gorgeous design. However, bamboo won't resonate like a brass or metal wind chime, so this is more of an aesthetic project.

For the best in sound, brass piping or cheaper metals is the way to go. A soft breeze can send tones vibrating through the air all day and you can even make your wind chime resonate particular notes and chords by cutting metal tubing into certain lengths and sizes. For the science behind wind chime tunes, there's no better resource than Lee Hite's An Engineering Approach to Wind Chime Design & Build. This website goes into incredible detail when it comes to creating a perfect pattern of sounds with wind chimes. It's a little more involved, but DIY crafters focused on a wind chime with perfect sound can find exactly what they need here.

There are dozens of crafty designs and unique ideas floating around the Web. Judge how much effort you're willing to put into a project before jumping into something that could take a long time. Remember, a wind chime is a perfect outlet to express creativity. Don't stop with an idea you find online. Give your wind chime a personal twist by adding some of your favorite items. If you can drill a hole in it and thread a piece of fishing line through it, you can add it to a wind chime.

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