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How to say goodbye to your children before they leave for college

August 21, 2014

You're spending your last few moments with your child before he or she heads into the spirited - and hopefully educational - world of higher education. For some parents, the house will be getting a whole lot quieter. For others, there may still be a few children moseying around. Either way, there's some adjusting you'll have to do around the house and some tips you can take to make the goodbye a little easier.

Say what you need to beforehand
NBC's "Today" show suggested having any important talks you find necessary before even leaving your driveway. Discussing moral quandaries and proper adult etiquette while you're dropping off your child can be embarrassing. Worse yet, you may not have your child's complete attention. He or she is moving to college, after all. Sit down before the trip and hash everything out. This is a great way to prepare for goodbyes later between you and your child.

Commit to a clean-cut goodbye
The Huffington Post suggested making the goodbye as quick and painless as possible. Once your child is moved in and all of the necessary tasks with the college are done with, say one final goodbye and make your way for the door. Those final moments can be incredibly emotional, but a long goodbye frequently doesn't benefit the parent or the child. 

After you've left, try your best to give your child space. Constant text messages and phone calls can be suffocating, according to The Huffington Post. The news source suggested letting your child take the reigns on keeping in touch. Wait for your child to call and work out a schedule to stay up to date with you while handling the new college experience. By letting go slightly, you allow your child to adjust to the life of an adult more easily.

Prepare for life back at the house
Acclimating to your child's new life is just beginning once you return home. You'll need a few things to keep yourself occupied, but first there's one thing to get situated: your college-bound child's room. "Today" suggested leaving the room as-is. Don't be too quick to turn it into your new home office. Your child will most likely spend time there over the holidays or during breaks. Feel free to tidy up a little bit, but don't change things too drastically. The room may be used less, but it won't go unused for long. At the same time, it can be a source of security and a comfort for your child to return to a relatively unchanged room. 

Remember, saying farewell to your child isn't the end of the world. It's actually the start of a whole new chapter in you and your child's life.