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How to put together a tailgating survival kit

September 29, 2014

If you and your family love to attend sports games during the fall, you're probably avid tailgaters. Gathering together with other fans to eat, play games and get excited for the big game is a tradition for many high schools, colleges and professional sports teams. Take a few minutes to put together a tailgating survival kit that you can bring along to every game, and you'll never be without the essentials again!

To start, find a plastic container with a fitted cover that you can easily fit in your car. The size of your container will vary depending on what types of activities you like to do at a tailgate. If you're feeling crafty, decorate the box in your favorite team's colors. This will make it easy to spot when it's stored in the garage.

What to include
Now that you have a container ready, start gathering the tailgating essentials. You'll probably need a portable grill, cooking utensils, disposable tableware, garbage bags, a can opener, a lighter, napkins and hand sanitizer. If you attend games into the winter, you'll want to bring some hand warmers, scarves, gloves and extra blankets. This is also a great spot to store your stadium cushion and spare umbrella.

Once you have everything together, load up your container. You'll want to put the heavier items at the bottom. If you have resealable plastic bags handy, store utensils, napkins and condiments separately. The more organized your kit is, the easier you'll be able to find things.

Once you have your container packed, store it alongside your portable chairs and other tailgating gear. Next time you're getting ready for a big game, all you'll need to do to prepare is grab your survival kit and toss it in the car. Everything will be stored neatly in one place and you won't run the risk of forgetting a crucial item, like a lighter or spatula.

Updating your kit
As you unpack after a tailgating session, take a moment to update your kit. If you notice you're not using the can opener you've packed, go ahead and take it out. Then add any items you noticed were missing. Try to update your kit as soon after a game as possible, when the events are still fresh in your mind. Staying on top of your needs will help you to refine your survival kit and make you a tailgating pro.

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