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How to keep your avocados from browning

January 29, 2015

The avocado, otherwise known as the crown jewel of the fruit kingdom - and yes, it is technically a fruit - is a delicacy unmatched in sweet deliciousness. With avocado, you can bask in the savory flavor of spicy guacamole or add a delectable zing to any chicken sandwich. Some say avocado is the keystone of taste bud temptation. Others say mouthwatering didn't exist before the avocado was discovered. 

Biological quandaries aside, one thing is certain. Avocados are pretty tasty. Now if only they had a longer shelf life ...

Why do they turn brown?
We've all seen it happen. If you leave a cut avocado or guacamole in a refrigerator for too long, the top layer of the fruit turns brown. Sometimes, it can happen in just a few hours. It's called oxidization, according to Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn. Avocados contain an enzyme that causes the fruit to turn brown when it's exposed to air. So, once that avocado has been peeled, it won't be long until that green color starts to turn.

Fear not! You can keep your avocados from turning brown with a neat little trick that doesn't spoil the flavor, and it will keep guacamole from browning, too.

Don't fall for the other tricks
First of all, don't bother with some of the bogus avocado storing methods. Storing an avocado in water, sealing it in plastic wrap or closing it up in a sandwich bag or Tupperware container may add a day or so to an avocado's lifespan, but it won't keep the fruit for much longer than that. Others claim a little citrus - like a squirt of lemon or lime juice - can help prolong the oxidization process, but this can also make the avocado slimy and spoil that perfect avocado flavor.

There's only one way to keep an avocado ripe and green for days without harming the taste.

The red onion: Avocado's natural ally
Yes, the red onion is the secret behind storing avocados for days at a time. According to Stephen Gibbs, executive chef of Hands On Gourmet, sealing an avocado in a deli container with a few chunks of red onion can keep it from spoiling. In fact, the red onion method is better than any of the other tactics, Gibbs said in a YouTube video sponsored by CHOW Tips. The best part is that the red onion flavor doesn't transfer to the avocado as easily as citrus. That means you can enjoy that appetizing avocado flavor days after it has been stored.

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