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How to fight pet fur

August 6, 2014

There's nothing more precious to you than your pet. Whether you're a die hard dog lover or take kindly to cats, there's nothing in the world that can pry you from your pet. That means you're willing to go the whole 9 yards to keep an affectionate animal around, and some situations get hairy. We're talking about the frequent fur cleanup.

It can be amazing how much fur builds up on clothes, rugs, furniture and everywhere else. Make your space hairless again with a few indoor cleaning tips.

Take action before the fur starts to fly
It's remarkable how effective a little preemptive care can be. Brushing your pet to get rid of that pesky undercoat can be incredibly helpful. suggests brushing your pets at least twice a week to remove loose fur before it falls out on the floor and everywhere else. The organization said that frequent brushing can reduce pet shedding by 90 percent and save you heaps of time - and fuzz - while you clean.

Another good way to keep the hair away is to bathe your dog regularly with an anti-shedding shampoo. These products can help remove loose hairs from the undercoat and help take away the fur before it is spread around the house.

At the same time, Martha Stewart Living suggested placing a towel down by your pet's favorite place to lie. This way, all that pet dander will collect on the towel, and you can shake it out or throw it in the washer with ease. 

Remove pet hair from couches, clothes, and more
Unless you have leather furniture, you know how time consuming hair removal can be, and using tape to clean away the hair can be incredibly tedious. Apartment Therapy suggested using a damp rubber glove or sponge to attract hair from couch cushions. When the glove or sponge gets too fuzzy, rinse it off in the sink and repeat the process. Also, you can try spraying a mixture of fabric softener and water onto your furniture and wiping the hair off gently.

For floors, if you're using a vacuum, go over rugs twice in opposite directions. This can loosen fur that has worked itself into the carpet fibers. Apartment Therapy also recommended using special products like microfiber or electrostatic mops that will attract hair instead of blowing it around like vacuums frequently do.

For clothes, the best thing to do is keep a mirror and a lint roller beside your door for easy grooming just before you leave. For hairier problems, toss clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet for just 10 minutes to remove that clinging pet hair. The fuzz will collect in the lint trap, and your apparel will be fur-free again in minutes.

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